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        On May 14, 2018 President Trump declared that the U.S. Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem, and that the United States recognizes the city as the capital of Israel. This historic act was the first time since the creation of Israel in 1948 that any world power agreed to station its ambassador in the city Israel has always held as its capital. That move was an act of courage. But tragically, it didn’t stop the bitter struggle over Jerusalem — not with the Palestinians, not with the United Nations, nor with the Islamic world. The matter is far from settled.

       Indeed, there is no other piece of real estate anywhere else on the face of the earth that is so disputed and so coveted. The Holy City is still under attack.

       Today, that attack is not a mass invasion by the armies of Israel’s enemies. Today it is a quiet, but relentless battle for Israel’s very existence. Every day, Israel and Jerusalem are under assault by political forces, by terrorists, by neighboring Arab states and by others who seek to cause it, those who seek to DESTROY it!

Though the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, Hamas terror tunnels, and Hezbollah rockets are all real and generate bigger headlines, the most prominent danger today is that Jerusalem will become a pawn in the “Middle East Peace Plan.”

This Holy City is not a bargaining chip to be divided up in some futile negotiations with the Palestinian terrorist factions who do not want peace in any event.

       Neither the PLO, nor Hamas, nor Islamic Jihad are willing to make any accommodations or compromises. The folly of these kind of agreements is plainly written for all who are willing to see. Each time Israel makes a concession, the result is not peace, but simply a demand for yet another concession, which inevitably will lead to new waves of violence.

There has been a lot of discussion about the “two-state solution,” but here is the problem: Israel’s enemies want a “One State” solution...and that state is NOT Israel!

Now, every week:

  • The Palestinians destroy archaeological artifacts in the Old City, remnants of Solomon’s Temple, hoping to erase any historical connections between the Jews and Jerusalem.

  • They flagrantly seize and encroach on holy sites and seek to establish their own Islamic facts on the ground.

  • They carry out political acts in an attempt to assert Palestinian sovereignty inside Jerusalem in violation of the law.

  • They utilize their secret police to intimidate, kidnap, torture and even murder those suspected of selling property in Jerusalem to Jews.

       Every day, there is another attack by terrorists, which rarely gets correctly reported in western media. The aim of the terrorists are very simple: they want to produce TERROR! They want the residents of the Holy City to fear for their lives! ...

And sadly, the constant acts of Israel’s enemies ARE impacting! Without some effective response, they are perilous and even deadly threats to the future of Israel’s capital. Indeed, Jerusalem is in danger.

       Defend Jerusalem is part of a team of experienced lawyers and legal activists in Israel who are dedicated to fighting back on behalf of Jerusalem.

       We believe that amid all these battles, political, economic, and terror:

  • Someone must stand for Jerusalem.

  • Someone has to draw a line.

  • Someone has to fight these battles.

We intend to continue our legal campaigns in the courtrooms around the world, and especially in Israel, to defend the Jewish people’s right:

  • To maintain Jerusalem as our capital;

  • To protect Israel’s ancient heritage in the city;

  • And to safeguard the holy places from being appropriated by the Islamic world.


       “I have set guardians upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, they shall never hold their peace day nor night” (Isaiah 62:6).